Gynecological Center ŠÁRKA Ltd.

- Is registered in the Commercial Register of the Regional Court in Brno-section C, insert 65,873th among the most popular gynecology in Brno. We speak English and French.

We have a team of experts in their field, we provide quality comprehensive medical services and preventive treatment in the field of gynecology and related disciplines. Always professional and personal approach is the same for us. We take great care of the individuality of the patient's wishes and comfort. We use when testing sterile disposable plastic investigative mirrors, of course there is our ultrasound examination, examination of the fetus cardiotocographic outpatient introduce all IUDs (non-hormonal, hormonal and spec. GyneFix body, more ... We also perform tests for hidden blood from the lower part of the colon, for Chlamydia trachomatis and cryo treatment of warts (freezing), or a treatment outside surgery hours according to the wishes of the patient.

Dear ladies, if you want or need to communicate without waiting on the phone, regardless of office hours, or on the utilization of personnel and lines, and that fits your needs, without having to be present in Brno, you have called. E-mail counseling . Here you can order from the comfort of your home, consult your health problems, communicate with us and report the results. If you are interested email counseling service, you take it personally arrange for nurses, or send 299Kč Cu 43-8281750217 / 0100, VS 2016 comments to his name. Upon receipt of payment (checks about 2x / month) you will be sent to your e-mail confirmation and payment mail address is valid for the current year (from early December until the end of January next year, you have plenty of time to restore service to the next year).

From April 1, 2012 due to changes in laws girls 18th birthday should be treated in the presence of his guardian, or with his written consent. We therefore ask all minors to us on the first visit came with a parent or brought about the "Consent legal guardian of a minor patient older than 15 years. If parents wanted her daughter to be vaccinated (or planned another intervention) must first 1rodič (legal representative) and daughter over 15 years, both fully understanding the planned performance sign "Souhlas- disagreement with the provision of health care." All forms are available for download on the left lost.

To increase your comfort in the waiting room you can see interesting and constantly updated program on the screen, or use the Wi-Fi password zdarma- are available on request from nurses. Current price list Gynaecology Centre ŠÁRKA Ltd. not covered by health insurance is permanently available here on the website of the Centre and on the bulletin board in the waiting room.

All the work of our team offers you a way to up your hectic life to a wonderful experience full of health and joy.

Sincerely, MD. Sarka Kutálková