The Internal Regulations

The Internal Regulations are based on the Operating Regulations and the Health Services Act No. 371/2011 Coll. and is binding for all clients treated in our surgeries. Ignorance of the Czech language does not excuse.
Please read the following rules:
Upon admission to the ambulance, prove your identity with the ID card and insurance with a ZP card.
When admitted to a nurse, you complete the "Consent to Provide Information" where you can identify the persons who can be provided with information about your health and determine their extent. You can also disable information or change people at any time.
At each visit, it is necessary to report a change of permanent residence, telephone number, change in health insurance, newly diagnosed diseases, medicines, allergies and any changes to your health and identification data.
Ordering for examination is possible by phone at +420 545 546 666, +420 605 463 328 or online at
During the surgery we try to keep the ordering time of the patients, but we dedicate every patient as much time as she needs, so there may be a small delay, also acute cases are treated preferentially ... the order of patients is decided by the doctor!
The patient is always offered a free time for examination according to her requirements and according to the urgency of her health condition, preferential treatment can be required only within the VIP services.
The patient is obliged to keep the time of her appointment.
If you are unable to attend the examination, it is your DUTY to cancel the appointment in advance.
If you do not unsubscribe from the first order, you will be notified of the conditions of the ambulance internal order.
If the second order is not canceled, the patient will only be ordered at the end of the doctor's office.
If the 3rd order is not unsubscribed, the patient will be excluded from the file for gross violation of the internal order.
Please follow the medical procedure suggested by your doctor. Tell your doctor truthfully about the state of health, including infectious diseases, medicines used, and health services provided by another doctor.
We guarantee complete confidentiality and protection of all data about you.
Go for an unaccompanied examination and do not disturb staff or other clients of the Center, maintain order, safety and dignity of the Center. If you have an escort, you have full social and material responsibility for its behavior and any damage caused by it.
During our absence or vacation, emergency room for the gynecological outpatient clinic of the Hospital of Merciful Brothers and the University Hospital Brno-Bohunice, Obil is designated for acute cases. market.
Patients under 18 years of age are legally obliged to undergo at least 1 visit to the office accompanied by a legal representative who signs a written "Consent to the provision of health services". In the case of another person over 18 years of age who will appear as an escort, he / she must have the written consent of the legal guardian.
A gross violation of the internal order by the patient is a reason to refuse the admission of the patient to medical care or to exclude the patient from medical care.
The patient has a duty to behave politely with the medical staff and also with respect to other patients.
The patient must not damage or contaminate the premises of the medical facility and equipment.
Every visitor of the Center is obliged to observe the peace and quiet in the building Vranovská 19 and its surroundings.
The patient is obliged to observe the rules of fire protection and protection of health and property throughout the building Vranovská 19 and its surroundings. He / she is fully responsible for any damage caused and shall be obliged to fully compensate any damage caused by himself / herself and his / her escort without delay.
The patient is always obliged to take his / her personal belongings with him / her to the surgery. At the same time, when leaving the medical facility, she checks all her personal documents and things with her.
The physician has the right to determine the order of patients due to the urgency of their condition and, unless it is an acute condition, to refuse to treat a person who (or his or her accompaniment) is inappropriate, restricting or endangering persons in the Center or himself.
Please note that the premises of the Center and the Vranovská 19 building are monitored as well as the exterior of the building.
Patients are asked to respect the fact that we cannot ensure babysitting or the safety of their children.
It is strictly forbidden to enter the Center with any weapon without special permission of the Center's executive in advance in order to protect persons and property.
The internal regulations of the surgery and the price list of paid services are posted in the waiting room on the notice board and can also be found at
It is not your responsibility to agree to the ambulance internal rules. Disagreement with the internal rules of the medical facility is also the patient's disagreement with the provision of healthcare and ordering in this Center. At your discretion, you can choose another gynecological outpatient clinic to suit your needs.
Pursuant to the Act on Health Services No. 372/2011 Coll. patients are obliged to follow the internal rules of the ambulance.
Senior doctor M.D. Kutalkova