Painless external genital sculpture by BTL Protégé intima

- Revolution in intimate aesthetics, without scalpel and with immediate results!
- is a medical device that provides the possibility of remodeling and strengthening the female external genitalia without surgical intervention. It uses a common, mutually supportive effect of monopolar radiofrequency waves and high frequency ultrasound. Thanks to intensive heating of all tissue layers
there is a significant increase in blood supply to the area, fibroblast production and the formation of new collagen and elastin fibers in the treated area. Support for local activation and the production of new collagen and elastic fibers results in increased elasticity and elasticity of large and small labia (labia majora and labia minora) tissue.

Intensive local vaginal swelling improves blood flow, increases local metabolism and improves skin and mucosa trophies and stimulates nerve endings, thereby significantly and permanently improving tissue firmness and elasticity, improving sexual enjoyment and lubrication (wetting on contact). Treatments can be used as well
to support healing after dyke surgeries, removal of dyke pain after delivery, recurrent vaginal rupture in contact with ...
BTL Protégé Intima treatment is completely non-invasive, pleasant, the patient feels no discomfort. No anesthetic is needed and no recovery is associated with therapy. It is possible to treat any unpleasant or painful scar, withered skin ...
As the only Protégé Intima, it offers a non-invasive and totally painless alternative to patients considering surgical treatment of the external genitalia, but the surgical solution is inappropriate or contraindicated for them.
The target group is not only women who long for aesthetic effect, but also patients with other indications. For example: asymmetry of labia, sunken scars after post-stitching or after removal of condylomatus, pain of perineum and others ...
An interesting side effect of therapy is to increase libido, improve lubrication and intensify sexual experiences, very positive reflection in woman's self-esteem and harmony of her relationship. The treatment takes about 1.5 hours and women perceive it as pleasant and intense heat. You will feel and see the effect after each individual treatment, we recommend four reps for best results.

Dear ladies, what others choke and snooze, You can invest in yourself, your beauty, self-confidence, intimacy of partner life and health.
Price .... 2700 CZK / 1 treatment, when paying 4 treatments (whole remodeling cycle) in advance
price total only 9500CZK!
Treatment of scars, wrinkles ... 2700CZK / 1 treatment.
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Client references:
"The treatment was surprisingly pleasant. The result was seen immediately after the procedure and improved with each subsequent procedure. Even after 3 months, the treated parts are stronger." (Andrea)
"My contact pains lasting for 1.5 years after giving birth after a single treatment completely disappeared. I've never been so excited about the healing intervention." (Simona)
"For years I had nothing to do with the contact, which greatly reduced my libido. After the tissue treatment, it tightened, and I again enjoy the intimate coexistence with my beloved man. Thank you."
"There is always something in your climacterium ... once you feel itchy, sometimes feel dry, in contact with inadequate moisture, inadequate grip and experience, or indescribable rubbing. After the treatment, everything is gone. I am happy about my New Body and would like to leave treat the whole ... "(Dagmar)
"I am 69 years old and my intercourse has been unpleasant or painful for me for years. All my painful and unpleasant feelings have disappeared from the treatment, which has had an amazing effect on awakening my libido. with her husband as young. "(Milena)
"The result pleasantly surprised me! The difference between the feeling and appearance after the first treatment, my husband was watching ... laconically remarked ... a pity that not everyone can see it."
"I wasn't expecting such a significant change after the 1st treatment!"